The 411 on Patio Doors

Patio doors are a great addition to any home that does not
already have them installed. Even if you already have patio doors, however, an
upgrade is often a good idea for a home improvement project. This article
offers a concise guide to patio doors for homeowners who want to either replace
their current doors or install patio doors for the first time.


If you do not have patio doors in your home, they offer a
number of benefits that make them a sound investment. 

Natural Light

If you want to brighten the interior of your home, you
cannot go wrong with patio doors. The doors flood the inside of your house with
natural light, giving the space inside a more charming and cheerful character.


Another advantage of patio doors is that they offer better
views of your landscape than windows can provide.


Patio doors makes it easier for people to move between the
patio and the living spaces in the home. For example, if you wish to entertain
guests on your patio, patio doors make it very convenient for everyone to move
back and forth from the inside and outside, without having to constantly open
and shut the back door.

Also, a patio door has a much wider expanse than a regular
door, making it simpler to move large objects, such as furniture, in and out of
the house.


If you replace your current doors, a patio door upgrade can
add value to your home if and when you decide to sell the house. Also, older
patio doors often allow air to leak into the home, which can make sitting near
the doors on a cold evening an unpleasant experience. New patio doors offer a
tight seal that avoids this annoying problem.


You have the choice of two main types of doors when
installing patio doors in your home: sliding doors or swinging doors.


Sliding doors move along a track on the floor and slide
along the track from side to side. Sliding doors have a contemporary look that
complement homes with a modern decor. These doors work well in rooms where
space is limited, as they do not take up space when you leave them open. 

Sliding doors are usually economical compared to swinging
doors and are a good choice if you have a limited budget.

Swinging Doors

Swinging patio doors, sometimes called French patio doors,
do not move along a track but swing open like regular doors. Swinging doors can
open to the outside or inside, depending on your preference, and have an
elegant and classical look that complements houses designed in a classical or
traditional style. 

An important point to remember about swinging doors is that
they need enough space to open without encountering furniture or other objects.


Patio doors come in a range of materials, including wood,
steel, aluminum, fiberglass, and vinyl. Wood patio doors have a distinctive
look that adds a sense of taste and refinement to your home. Steel and aluminum
doors are relatively sturdy, with steel being more resistant to dents than
aluminum, and generally require very little maintenance.

Vinyl and fiberglass patio doors have the advantage of
costing less than the other options. They are also both energy-efficient and
stand up well to the elements.

Replacing your existing patio doors with new ones or
installing patio doors for the first time is a terrific idea. For best results,
let the experts at Fischer Window & Door Store handle everything. We will
make sure that the job is done right. Contact us for
more information.