5 Unique Window Screen Replacement Options

Removing your screens when winter arrives can protect them from damage that can occur when they are subjected to storms and general bad weather during cold, snowy winters. After you remove your screens, you should inspect them for damage and decide if you need screen repair or replacement before warm temperatures arrive once again in the spring.

Read on to learn about five types of replacement window screens and their unique advantages.

1. Solar Screens

Solar window screens are a good option if you want to reduce your home cooling bills in the summer. While traditional window screens can block up to 40 percent of the sun’s heat before it enters your home, solar screens can block up to 90 percent of the sun’s heat. By blocking the sun’s UV rays, they can also prevent furniture upholstery and carpet fading. 

The main disadvantage of these screens is that they can slightly darken a room, depending on the light-filtering level of the solar screens you choose. However, this may be a benefit if you dislike how the sun typically shines so brightly into specific rooms in your home.

2. Pet-Resistant Screens

If you have cats or dogs that tend to scratch at your screens and damage them or push your screens out of their frames altogether, leading to frequent screen replacements or repairs, then it may be time to upgrade to pet-resistant screens. These screens are made of heavy-duty materials that are much more difficult to damage than traditional screens. 

While all pet-resistant screens vary slightly, many are made from vinyl-coated polyester, which can be up to seven times stronger than traditional fiberglass or even aluminum screens. 

Pet-resistant screens are great options for patio doors and windows where cats or dogs enjoy relaxing around. 

3. Virtually Invisible Window Screens

Do you have windows in your home that you refuse to put screens in, because you dislike how most screens hinder a clear view of the outdoors? If so, then you will be happy to hear that some window screens are made to appear virtually invisible to the eye. 

These screens have a mesh wire diameter that is so small that the wires are virtually invisible to the eye. However, since the holes in the screen are also very small, these screens still keep small insects from entering your home. Some of these screens are made from traditional fiberglass, while others are made with proprietary materials, such as strong polymers that further enhance screen invisibility. 

4. Retractable Screens

If you often find yourself removing your home screens when your windows are shut to obtain a better view of the outdoors or wish you could without the hassle, then you may want to replace your traditional fixed window screens with retractable screens. 

You have many styles of retractable window screens to choose from, but they all have one aspect in common: when you don’t desire a screen in your window, you can simply roll the screen up with its built in roller system, then easily roll it back down when you once again desire a screen. 

While some retractable screens are rolled up manually by hand, others have built-in motors that allow you to press a button to raise and lower the screen as you desire. 

5. Allergen-Blocking Window Screens

If you suffer from seasonal allergies, then you look forward to opening your home’s windows to let fresh air in your home, then quickly regret it when your allergies begin acting up. You may be happy to hear that you can solve this problem by installing special allergen-blocking window screens. 

These screens not only to keep insects out of your home, but also filter pollen spores and other outdoor allergens from of the air before they enter your home. Allergen-blocking screens all vary in design slightly depending on their manufacturer.  Now that winter has arrived, consider removing your home screens, inspecting them, and repairing or replacing screen panels due to wear-and-tear or to simply upgrade to a screen type more suitable to your family’s needs. Contact Fischer Window & Door Store for all of your window needs today.