The Top Reasons to Upgrade the Windows of Your Rental Property

Should you replace the windows in your rental property? If you’re not sure whether you should invest in this upgrade, take a look at the top reasons to consider how an improvement on your windows can benefit your whole property.

Safe Living Conditions

Landlords have legal responsibilities. These include obligations that you have to your tenants. As the owner of a rental property, one of your primary responsibilities is to provide and maintain a safe living environment. While windows may not immediately come to mind when you think of home or apartment safety, damaged frames or worn glass can pose a serious risk.

The risks associated with older, broken, or severely worn windows include:

  • Frames and security. Is the glass intact? Even though the window pane may not pose an immediate risk, a broken lock or damaged frame could. Without a functional lock, the windows are easy entry points for trespassers. This makes it almost impossible for your tenant to feel safe in the space.
  • Cracks and injury. Cracked glass can cut your tenant or cause another injury. Even though the glass may not seem jagged, you should never leave a cracked pane of glass as-is. If the tenant touches the glass, the damaged pane could pose a safety issue.
  • Shattered glass and injury. A crack isn’t the only issue that could cause an injury. If left untreated, a damaged window could shatter. The resulting shards could cut your tenants as they fall or after if they’re left on the ground.

If your rental property’s windows have noticeable damage or wear, replace them as soon as possible. New windows reduce the risk of injuries to your tenants. This allows you to provide the renters with safe living conditions.

Appeal to Renters

Windows don’t only serve a functional purpose. Even though these translucent panes of glass provide a view outside and allow a cool early morning summer breeze in, they also add to your property’s overall aesthetics.

How can new replacement windows upgrade your apartment or home’s appeal? The top ways include:

  • Cleanliness. Renters want more than a safe space — they want to move into a clean property. Dull, dingy, and peeling windows look dirty and may sway your would-be renters away from your property.
  • Exterior aesthetics. Even though your renters don’t own the property, they still want it to have plenty of curb appeal. Chances are your future renters don’t want to invite friends or family over to an apartment or home that looks worn from the outside. New windows can upgrade the exterior.
  • Interior aesthetics. Not only will new windows give the outside of your property a boost, they can also change the interior aesthetics. Clean panes of glass surrounded by new frames will appeal to potential tenants as they tour the inside of your apartment or house.

Along with aesthetic appeal, replacement windows may also have a practical appeal to some renters. A tenant who has concerns about potential problems, wear, or damage may feel an increased sense of comfort with a rental that has new windows.

Overall Energy Reductions

Whether you pay the heating and cooling bills or the tenants do, the savings of new energy-efficient windows can benefit your business. Twenty-five to 30 percent of home heating and cooling energy usage comes from window-related heat losses or gains, according to the U.S. Department of Energy. If your property has older, drafty, single-pane windows, your money is going toward unnecessary energy bills.

Upgrade the windows to insulated multipane glass to cut costs. If you don’t pay for the utilities, these cost savings are another perk that may appeal to potential renters.

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