Window Styles To Consider For Your Master Bedroom

Window Styles To Consider For Your Master Bedroom

When you’re undergoing a major remodel project or new build, you face a vast array of choices including window styles. The master bedroom is an area that has a big impact on your daily life, so you’ll want to put significant consideration into your window choices for this room. Below are some window styles and why they would complement the master bedroom.

Casement Windows

An important function of a bedroom window is ventilation. A casement window opens more than most other styles. The glass pane is attached to one side of the frame via hinges. You open the window by operating a crank, which is attached to an arm. The other end of the arm slides along a track to push the window open or pull it closed.

One of the main detractors to a casement window is clearance. Since it pushes out, you need clearance outside the house to accommodate the pane. However, besides increased ventilation, you also get better views since most casements don’t feature many muntins. Additionally, casement windows lock, so your bedroom will be more secure.

Picture Windows

If the view from your window is important, consider picture windows. These windows are large panes of glass held stationary within the frame. This means you’ll sacrifice ventilation from that particular window; however, you can offset the loss by incorporating other mobile windows into your design, perhaps as transoms above the picture window.

Picture windows have a couple other benefits besides the panoramic view offered. One is an increase in natural light. Another benefit is the stage such a window sets. You can choose to leave it undressed, or choose treatments that further highlight the beauty outside.

Bay Windows

A set of bay windows might be a way to enjoy the best of both worlds. A bay window set typically consists of a central picture window flanked on either side by movable windows. You can choose the opening method, though single-hung or double-hung windows are common.

Bay windows bump out from the wall outdoors. Therefore, you increase your interior living space. Many homeowners use this extra space for a window seat. However, you can leave the area bare or fill it with furniture as you choose.

Double-Hung Windows

Double-hung windows are one of the most popular styles for any room. Double-hung windows are those with two panes of glass that slide up and down. They differ from single-hung windows in which only the bottom pane is mobile. With double-hung windows, you can choose which sash to open.

Designers often incorporate more than one double-hung window in an area as large as the master bedroom. You can choose to space them out so you have usable wall space between the windows. If you value a lot of light, though, consider a window bank with several of the windows positioned side by side.

Glider Windows

A glider window is a little like a double-hung window turned on its side. The window consists of two or three panes that slide side to side in a top and bottom track. When you have two panes, one or both sashes glide. With the triple windows, you have a stationary central window and two smaller gliders on either side.

Glider windows are relatively simple in design, so they tend to be budget-friendly. More importantly, because glider windows don’t feature cranks or pulleys, they’re more durable. They’re also easy to open. If you envision changing your ventilation needs throughout the day, glider windows are a good option.

When it comes to bedroom windows, the big factors are security, ventilation, and sunlight. Consider the different window styles, and choose a combination of several that will serve your specific needs. When you’re ready for more in-depth consultation, contact the experts at Fischer Window and Door Store.