3 Reasons to Install Casement Windows in Your Home

3 Reasons to Install Casement Windows in Your Home

Windows are a major component in the architectural design of any home. The right windows will not only allow natural light to filter into your living space, they will serve as a source of ventilation and add a visual element to any room.

Many types of windows are available to homeowners looking to build or remodel a home. Of all the windows on the market, casement windows might be your best option. A casement window offers some unique benefits that other window types cannot provide.

Learn more about the advantages of casement windows so that you can decide if these unique windows are right for inclusion in your home’s design.

1. Cleanliness

Residential windows can detract from the beauty of your home when the glass panes of each window become dirty. Cleaning windows can be a challenge, but casement windows offer a unique way to ensure that your home’s glass remains spot, dirt, and streak free.

The key lies in the way that a casement window operates. The hinges of a casement window are mounted on the vertical edge so that the window opens sideways. A crank is used to extend or retract the supporting arm that is responsible for window operation.

Casement windows can open up to a 90-degree angle. This makes them easy to access from both the interior and the exterior of your home for cleaning.

The screen is located on the inside of a casement window instead of on the outside like on other window styles. This prevents the screen from getting caked with mud and dust, which helps to keep your windows a lot cleaner over time.

2. Ventilation

The primary purpose of windows is to let natural light into a living space, but your windows can also play an important role in ventilating your home. You can open a window to let the breeze from outdoors flow through your living space.

Casement windows are uniquely designed to maximize this ventilation. Since the window opens sideways on a casement model, the pane of glass acts as a sail. Any air flowing outdoors is caught by the glass and redirected into your home.

Casement windows make a great addition in areas where maximum ventilation is required, like a kitchen or bathroom. 

3. Energy Efficiency

Energy efficiency is a topic that many homeowners may not take much notice of. The more energy efficient your home is, the less you will spend on utilities each month. The type of windows that you choose to install in your home can have a direct effect on the energy efficiency of your residence as a whole.

Windows represent a disruption in the structural design of a home.  Air can easily pass through a closed window if the seal is not tight or there are gaps in the frame. Air transfer typically results in heat loss, which requires your AC or heating systems to work harder to maintain desirable temperatures in your home.

Casement windows are among the most energy efficient. These windows have a tight seal on all four sides of the window due to the sideways-opening design. Any strong gust of wind that blows past your home will only press the glass more firmly into the seal.

The possibility of heat transfer occurring when a casement window is installed and maintained properly is minimal. This ensures that your home will be as energy efficient as possible over time.

Window selection might not seem like a monumental task, but installing the wrong windows in your home could have devastating consequences. If you are looking for windows that are easy to clean, offer great ventilation, and will increase the energy efficiency of your home, contact Fischer Window and Door Store to order casement windows today.