Tips for Preserving Your New Sliding Patio Doors

Your new sliding patio doors are a beautiful addition to your home and you want to keep them that way. Common issues that can occur with your new doors include:

  • Replacing a screen
  • Placing the door back on its roller
  • Scratches in the glass
  • Stuck blinds between windows

These are all issues that can happen with any type of patio door and are easily avoided by taking proper care of your new decorative and useful doors. Here are tips you can use every day to prevent damage to your new screen doors and help them last as long as possible.

Limit Constant Opening and Closing

To keep your sliding patio doors in excellent condition, you want to avoid opening and closing them all day long. The reason for this is simple: the rollers and track that your sliding door operates on can get clogged with debris from constant opening, which can cause it to jam or fall of its track.

If you do prefer to use your patio doors as a main entry to your home, make sure to clean the track and rollers on a regular basis and keep them well-lubricated when they begin to stick. Also, it helps to only open the doors as wide as you need to so you can get in and out easily rather than sliding them further back than necessary.

Keep the Windows Clean

Clean windows are less likely to get dirt and other debris stuck in the panes, which can help limit annoyances like stuck blinds or streaks inside your glass. Clean your windows using a window cleaner and a piece of newspaper or an old cotton t shirt to limit fibrous debris from sticking to the glass.

Don’t Force the Door

There will be times that your sliding patio door becomes loose or falls off-center on its track. This can cause it to jam or lodge when you are opening it. Never force the door, rather, use a screwdriver to readjust the position of the glass. Better yet, call your window install expert to inspect your sliding door to find out what is making it fall off-center. Common reasons why your sliding door may need readjusting include:

  • Slamming the door
  • Grime in the track
  • Settling of your home’s foundation
  • An object hitting the door (ball, toy)

To keep your sliding door from jamming in the future, always check the track when you are cleaning your floors and vacuum out small bits of debris before wiping the unit down. This can help limit jamming issues and keep your door operating smoothly.

Watch Kids and Pets

A patio door is a common door for pets and kids to use to go outside. Pets may scratch at the glass while children may forget about an insect screen and accidentally pop it out while opening the door. Watch your kids and pets around your sliding patio door and make adjustments for their use as needed. For instance, you can place a window screen on a lower panel to prevent pet scratches or remove the insect screen if your children are neglecting it often.

The right care can make your sliding patio doors last for many years. Common issues are easily fixed and can be just as easily avoided as well. If you have concerns about your sliding glass doors and how they operate, call your window technician for assistance.

Patio doors open up a room and make transitioning from indoors to outdoors much easier. Our goal at Fischer Window and Door Store is to help you take care of your existing sliding patio doors so you can enjoy your home to its fullest. Call us today for an install or maintenance care of your doors and windows.