Choosing Windows for Your Modern Home

Modern or contemporary is a popular style for homes. It’s characterized by an adherence to minimalist ideals. Lines are clean, and there’s often a nod toward geometry. Typically, the color palette is either bold or monochromatic. The material palette is often industrial – think metal and glass – and tempered with naturalistic wood and stone.

If you’re approaching a renovation or a custom build, contemporary may be your style of choice. Your choice in windows is key in furthering a modern aesthetic.

Geometric Windows

The clean lines of a modern style often come through in obvious geometric shapes. This is ideal for windows because you have several shape options. Obviously, rectangular windows are the most popular. You can emphasize the geometry of the windows by choosing single panes of glass.

Many homes utilize the geometry of rectangular windows for a contemporary feel. With some, the frames are black, which emphasizes the overall shape. With others, the frames are hidden or non-existent, which showcases the shape of the glass.

You have other options with shapes, though. For instance, you could choose round or semi-circular windows. Square is another possibility. With custom shaped windows, you can also have an exaggerated rectangle, such as a tall, narrow window.

Elevated Windows

Quite often modern homes feature as many windows as possible because glass is an industrial material, thus promoting the style. One way to manage this is with windows in different places, such as high up on the wall. This is especially true for homes with vaulted ceilings.

A popular design, especially in kitchens, is adding transom windows above the regular windows. These add even more light. If the windows are operable, you can also use them for extra ventilation.

Of course, skylights are the highest windows. You can add them anywhere the room’s ceiling is up to the roof. A benefit of skylights is they add light and ventilation without impacting privacy. You can also use skylights to create a sun porch, which allows you to enjoy the outdoors without being exposed to the weather.

Window Walls

Another method for adding more windows to your home is by designing window walls. Window walls are essentially banks of windows that take up most or all of a wall. Such big panes of windows allows the glass to take center stage.

Of course, window walls also allow more natural light into your home. They can also be used to highlight a dramatic view. Likewise, you can choose to add sliding glass doors or accordion windows to the wall. These offer another method for opening up your home to the outdoors, while still remaining protected from the weather.

Window Pane Choices

For windows in modern homes, your pane choices are the same as for any other style:

  • Vinyl is still a very popular option because it is budget-friendly and energy efficient.
  • Fiberglass frames are becoming more popular because of their adaptability.
  • Aluminum frames are ideal for custom windows because the material is strong, meaning frames can be thinner.
  • Wooden window frames require more maintenance but still stand as the classic pane material.
  • Wood-clad and composite windows are an alternative to solid-wood framing, providing the same profile with less maintenance.

Window frames for modern homes often go one of two ways, as shown by the above examples. They can recede in the design, thus letting the glass be the centerpiece. Conversely, they can provide a bold accouterment to the glass. If choosing the latter, consider a bold color like black, red or green.

Windows do more than let in light and allow you to enjoy the view-they help provide the design style of your house. Talk to Fischer Window and Door Store about the best windows for your modern-style home.