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on April 4, 2017
When you think of modern windows, what style of window comes to mind? Chances are, you're picturing a double-hung window with two sashes mounted vertically in the frame. Casement windows, a style that hinges open to the side with a crank, are sometimes thought of as outdated or old-fashioned. But this could not be further from the truth. Homeowner...
by Fischer Window and Door Store on March 9, 2017
New window and door installation is an investment that pays off in multiple ways. Depending on the style you choose to enhance your home’s architectural and visual appeal, windows and doors can make a huge first impression. Different kinds of windows and doors offer your home specific advantages. Keep reading to learn how each upgrade could ...
on March 2, 2017
Whether you're building a brand-new Craftsman home or restoring a historic model, you know the doors and windows are a large part of what makes a Craftsman beautiful. If you want to make sure your final design is authentic to the guiding styles of Craftsman design, consider the following tips when choosing your doors and windows. Rule of Three ...
on March 2, 2017
If your home has a traditional design, then it's important that the windows you choose convey that same classic appeal. There are a few different styles of windows on the market, but these three styles tend to coordinate best with traditional architecture like that seen in Victorian, Craftsman, and Prairie homes. Each window style has its own adv...
on February 6, 2017
One quality to look for in new windows is energy efficiency, especially if you live in the St. Louis area where the summers are scorching hot and the winters are freezing cold. But shopping for energy-efficient windows is a bit more complicated than just purchasing the first window with an "energy saving" sticker on it. Here are four features to l...
on December 21, 2016
While your front door serves as a formal entrance to your home, your patio door provides a gateway to your garden, a view of your backyard, and a quick route into your kitchen while entertaining outdoors. When your patio door becomes damaged or old, you may not consider replacing it at first. After all, the patio entrance is more private and casua...
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