Why Replace Your Front Door

You may not have given your home’s front door much thought over the years. However, as time marches onward and your personal needs or tastes change, you may need to consider replacing your old door with a new, more advanced model. Take a look at four smart reasons to move ahead with this home improvement tactic.

1. Your Door Needs More Than a Simple Refinish

Sometimes an old front door needs nothing more than a refinish to make it look new again. However, that new coat of paint or varnish will only yield good results in situations where the issues are just skin deep. If your front door has deep cracks or other deformities in it, you should go ahead and replace it.

An old front door on a vintage home may sport an equally old coat of lead-based paint. If you try to remove the lead-based paint as the first step in repainting the door, this toxic substance can get into the air or fall into places where your pets or kids may encounter it. Instead, buy a new front door with a lead-free finish.

2. Your Door Doesn’t Insulate Well

A strong, solid front door should offer at least some insulation. In addition to keeping heat and cold from permeating the house, a well-insulated front door can also help to mute outside sounds. Unfortunately, many doors have hollow cores that provide almost no insulation.

Poor thermal insulation can cause you to spend more than you should on heating and cooling your home, while poor noise insulation can interfere with nighttime sleep or daytime enjoyment of your home. Doors made of solid wood or filled with inner layers of insulating material can resolve these annoyances.

3. Structural Problems Cause Concerns

As doors experience year after year of seasonal weather and hard use, they can start to deteriorate in ways that make them harder to operate. For example, an aging wooden door may have warped until you find it almost impossible to open or close. The more warped the door, the more likely you’ll need a replacement.

Structural issues can also reduce the security your front door provides. As warping interferes with proper closing, locking mechanisms break or wear out, or pest infestations weaken the door’s material, intruders may find it all too easy to enter. If you have any worries about your family’s safety, replace the door without hesitation.

4. You Want a Whole New Style and Look

Even if your current front door offers strength, security, and insulation, you may decide that you’d like to switch it for a different style. This decision could spring from a plan to remodel the entire home, improve your home’s curb appeal for potential buyers, or simply add some new life and interest to your front porch area.

The type of door you select should complement the new look of your home. For instance, if you wish to replace a standard-looking ranch design with a more stately look, you might choose a Victorian-style door with an oblong window. If you wish to restore a rustic farmhouse, a craftsman-style door should suit it nicely.

In some cases, a stylish new door can lend additional, unexpected beauty to your indoor environment. Doors with stained-glass windows in them offer a case in point. Sunlight passing through the glass will bathe your entryway in color while also adding welcome (and free) illumination.

If any of the reasons listed above describe your situation, make your search for a new door quick and easy by turning to the door specialists at Fischer Window & Door Store. We can discuss your goals, evaluate the best options for your home, and provide you with the door of your dreams. Contact us today.