What Home Flippers Need To Know About Replacement Windows

Are you a first-time home flipper? In the second quarter of 2021 home flippers renovated 79,733 single-family homes and condos, according to the ATTOM property database. If you’re ready to join the tens of thousands of home flippers, you need to create a project budget that includes flooring, paint, appliances—and windows. Before you invest in replacements, take a look at what you need to know about home flipping and your options.

Do You Need To Replace the Windows?

Unlike an outdated bathroom or a kitchen with decades’ old appliances, windows aren’t an obvious upgrade choice. But this doesn’t mean you should skip over your new property’s glass. If you’re not sure whether to include windows in your home flip budget, ask:

  • Do the windows look old? Your investment property isn’t perfect. But you have no plans to leave it that way. Old or outdated windows will decrease curb appeal and might devalue your home after the flip. 
  • Will you recoup the costs? According to Remodeling magazine in 2021, a wood window replacement could help you to recoup more than 67 percent of the initial costs, and a vinyl replacement could equal over 68 percent. 
  • Are the windows a security risk? Even though your flip isn’t a home you currently live in or will ever live in, you still need to make it a safe place. Broken or damaged windows pose a serious security risk. Burglars could break in and ruin the work you’ve already done or steal appliances, home accents, or anything else you recently bought.

Along with these reasons, you may also need replacements if the windows don’t match each other, have installation flaws, or don’t coordinate well with a new exterior or interior design.

Which Windows Should You Choose?

Now that you’ve decided to replace your investment property’s windows, it’s time to move on to the next step and select a product. You have options to choose from—and this can make the window selection process a challenge. Before you decide on one style or type of window, consider:

  • The price: The goal of a home flip is to make a profit, which means you need to stay on budget. But you shouldn’t choose subpar products or cut corners just to save money. Weigh the cost benefits of a higher quality window with the aesthetics, durability, and energy efficiency of something at a lower budget before you buy.
  • The decor goals: What overall style or feel are you going for in this flip? Different types of windows may look better with different types of decor. A wooden picture window can accent a natural contemporary look or a traditional style, while an aluminum option may work better with an industrial modern decor.
  • The space: Do you need to fill a larger area? A double-hung style may not make the most sense. But a picture, bay, bow, or slider may work better for a wider or longer area. 
  • The function: Will the window need to open? A picture window and some bays or bows aren’t top choices if you need a functioning window. Instead, consider a slider, double or single hung, or casement style.

While size, shape, and overall style are important, you also need to carefully choose a type of glass. Multi-pane windows provide superior insulation. Add to the insulation or heat resistance with a specialized window glaze. Even though you might not enjoy the benefits of the glass (such as increased energy efficiency and home comfort), your future buyers will. This could help you to ask for and get a higher price for your flip.  Do you need professional-level help choosing or installing replacement windows in your home flip? Contact Fischer Window and Door Store for more information.