The Top Types of Windows for Modern and Contemporary Homes

Do you have a modern or contemporary style home? From the exterior architecture to the interior aesthetics, every aspect of your space can have a completely contemporary feel. This style should also extend to the windows. If your home has older windows that are less than modern, take a look at the replacement upgrade options.

Minimalist Options

While the terms modern and contemporary refer to two distinct design styles, both share elements. Modern and contemporary homes tend to have a simple, clean, functional aesthetic. Instead of ornate adornments, these homes are neutral or almost plain in appearance. Some contemporary exteriors and interiors may have an almost industrial-like finish. 

To achieve a minimalist style with windows, select replacements that are clean, sleek, and free of grids or extra accents (such as etching or frosting). A plain picture window or a similar solid pane of glass can create the type of contemporary look that compliments the rest of your minimalist home.

All-Wall Windows

A complex grid that crisscrosses your home’s windows goes against a modern or contemporary style. This means a full wall or floor to ceiling arrangement of double-hung, stained glass, or other similar grid-covered windows won’t add to the modern feel of your house. Instead, consider expansive openings with full panes of glass. 

Not only will a full window wall create a clean aesthetic, it also brings the outside world into your house. Even though some contemporary homes have an almost factory-style industrial quality to the decor plan, others are minimalist in a natural way. A full window wall eliminates the boundary between natural spaces and the indoor area.

Custom Shapes

Windows aren’t always rectangular. Some replacements are circles, ovals, or other shapes. A geometric look with an unexpected shape can create a contemporary look that matches the rest of your home’s design. 

If circles or other non-traditional shapes won’t fit into your decor plan, consider narrow rectangles. A thin slice of light that shines in through a narrow horizontal or vertical window can create a clean look and a geometric style in your contemporary home. 

Frame Choices

The glass itself isn’t the only way to complement a contemporary look. You will also need to choose the right frames for this home decor style. Ornate frames with accented woodwork or decorative features will look out of place in a minimalist, industrial, or clean, natural home. 

Before you choose the frame, think about what material will work best with your home’s contemporary exterior and interior. There are a variety of frame choices, including aluminum, vinyl, fiberglass, composite, and wood.

The specific frame you choose depends on the modern or contemporary aspects of your home’s decor. Some minimalist modern homes have a natural feel, so neutral color palettes and materials straight from nature are the hallmarks of this style. If your home is a natural, contemporary space, a wood or wood composite window frame is the best option. But if your modern home has an industrial feel, this frame choice may look out of place.

Industrial and non-natural minimalist modern aesthetics may work well with aluminum or fiberglass frames. These options provide a metallic look that coordinates with the existing exterior and interior decor. 

Fiberglass frames are affordable, durable, and come in a variety of color selections. This type of material may not mix well with a natural style. But it can complement a minimalist modern home. If you choose vinyl frames, carefully consider the color options. A neutral hue or dark shade may help to maintain continuity in the overall design. Do you need to update your home’s windows? Contact Fisher Window and Door Store for more information.