FAQs About Rental Unit Window Replacement Options as a Landlord

Which windows are the best option for your rental property? Upgrading to new window units can help you to increase the property’s value and rent your investment home. But just any replacements won’t do. Before you buy, take a look at the answers to the top questions landlords have about the window selection and installation processes. 

Will the Cost of Replacement Windows Outweigh the Benefits?

There’s no universal or clear-cut answer to this question. Some replacement windows may offer benefits galore — while others may cost you more than you (or your tenants) could recoup. To better understand the potential benefits compared to your initial costs, consider:

  • The utility bills. A significant portion of cooling and heating energy use (and the related bills) comes from gaining or losing heat through a home’s windows, which can account for between 25 and 30 percent of the energy each home uses.  If you pay the utilities for the rental, new windows may save you significant funds in the prime heating/cooling months.
  • Your image as a landlord. You need to attract renters to your property. Worn, damaged, or older windows may make potential tenants hesitate to sign a lease. New windows have a clean aesthetic that shows you care for and maintain your property. 
  • The type of windows. Replacement windows range from inexpensive, uninsulated models to pricier, multi-pane, gas-filled units. Windows also range in size, shape, and material construction. 

Even though it may seem like cheaper windows can save you money and give you the highest return on your investment, these may cost you more over time. Low-quality windows may not keep the draft out or the conditioned air in. This can add to your rental property’s utility bill. Cheap replacements may also not have the durability necessary to withstand multiple tenants. This means you may need to replace the glass or frames more than once.

How Can You Choose the Right Rental Replacement Windows?

You don’t want to go the low-quality route. But you also need to consider your business or investment budget. Which replacements balance quality and costs? To select the best windows for your rental properties:

  • Start with a professional. A window contractor can review your options and provide you with an estimate for the costs. You may need to talk to a few different professionals before you select the right windows for your rentals.
  • Don’t go too low. You get what you pay for. If a deal seems too good to be true, it probably is. Again, low-quality, cheaply priced windows aren’t the best options for rental units. These won’t add to the energy efficiency of your property and may break easily. 
  • Think about security. Energy efficiency and the related heating or cooling costs is a major factor when choosing rental replacement windows. But it isn’t the only issue to consider. You want to provide your tenants with a safe home. Well-made secure windows can increase safety.

Along with price, energy efficiency, and security, consider the aesthetics of the windows. How well will the replacements match the existing exterior or interior design? If the material, glass, or window style (slider, casement, double-hung, bay, or other option) looks off against the rest of the house or apartment, potential future renters may pass on your property.

Should You Install Your Rental’s Windows Yourself?

Rental property ownership or management isn’t always an easy job. You need to maintain strict safety and quality standards, making it necessary to repair and replace parts of your properties more than every once in a while. These repairs and replacements can add up over time. If you’re considering a DIY window job, stop before you start.

Instead of taking the project on yourself, you need a professional to help you select the right windows and install the replacements. Improperly installing replacement windows can leave air gaps that let in cold, heat, rain, or snow. Poor installation can also cause aesthetic issues, lower the value of your property, or create a security risk. Looking for a professional to help you find the right windows and install them correctly? Contact Fischer Window and Door Store for more information.