Common Windows Installation Mistakes to Avoid

Have you ever wondered why all houses have windows? If you have, you might have also thought about the numerous benefits that windows offer homeowners. However, some homeowners don’t take window installation seriously despite all these benefits.

If you don’t execute windows installation with the greatest attention to detail, you’ll most likely make mistakes that dent your home’s aesthetics and comfort. See some common mistakes to look out for.  

Not Purchasing Quality Windows

You’ll make this mistake if you buy the least expensive window on sale to cut costs. While not all quality windows are expensive, a high-quality window should have a price that matches its size, material, and design. A simple price comparison can help you determine the price range for various types of windows.

If you want to enjoy energy efficiency, ease of use, and durability from your new windows, ensure that every piece is of high-quality materials. To avoid substandard windows, inspect every window for flaws, and only buy from reputable brands.

Not Involving a Professional

Hiring a professional windows installer may seem expensive, but this can save you some money. For example, since experienced professionals will rarely make mistakes, you won’t spend your money on re-dos in the future. A professional window installer can also help you pick the best quality windows.

While the internet is full of videos and tutorials for DIY window installation, very few people can successfully install a window using just the provided information. Window installation is a technical procedure that requires skills and experience. In addition, even if you have some tools for DIY projects, you may not have all the tools necessary for the window installation job.

Making a Wrong Size Rough Opening

Typically, window installation happens after constructing the walls of the house. Therefore, the contractor must leave openings where the window frame will sit. The rough opening should be slightly wider and higher than the window but should not exceed the manufacturer`s suggested Rough Opening.

If the rough opening is larger than the suggested Rough Opening window frame, the gap left will make it hard for the installers to hang the window properly. On the other hand, if the rough opening is too small, you must widen it for the window to fit. If you force a window larger than the opening to fit into the opening, the window’s assembly may bow, causing opening and closing issues.

Not Following the Installation Instructions

The installation procedure for most windows is similar, but some may require special handling due to the materials. Therefore, to make sure that you’ve installed every window correctly, strictly follow the instructions the manufacturer provided.

Hiring Inexperienced Window Installers

The number of window installation companies in your town may be overwhelming, but not all installers can flawlessly install windows. Therefore, you must research further to determine the right company to hire.

A good window installer should be experienced and have all the tools and equipment for the job. Also, look for reviews and comments by previous customers to rate the companies’ customer satisfaction.

Not Checking For Defects Before Installation

Before installing a window, inspect it for defects that may affect its efficiency. These defects could be a result of fabrication errors or mishandling during transportation. If you install a defective window, you may face water seepage issues in the future or difficulty in opening and closing the window.

To enjoy the most value out of your windows, ensure that the installation process is flawless. Though common, all the mistakes above are avoidable if you give window installation the seriousness it deserves. At Fischer Window & Door Store, we offer a wide range of window designs to meet each customer’s taste. Contact us today, and we will be happy to help you choose the best window design for your budget and architectural style.