6 Compelling Reasons to Choose Glider Windows

As a homeowner, you will need window replacement at some point in your life. Reasons that may necessitate window replacement include damaged frames and window panes or old and unattractive windows. If you are weighing options for the types of windows to install in your home, you might want to give glider windows a shot.

Glider windows, also called sliding windows, are easy to operate and offer an excellent view of the outdoor scenery. If you are all about aesthetics, sliding windows will fit your bill as well. Here are more reasons why you should consider glider windows in your next home make-over.

1. Easy Operation

Glider windows are among the easiest windows to operate. These windows come with a design that allows one side to roll any side you want at a push of a finger. Unlike other types of windows that feature hinges of all sorts, glider windows are easy to shut and open.

Slider windows also are versatile, and you can order either double or triple sliders. Seniors and people with mobility impairment find glider windows quite helpful due to their ease of operation.

2. Energy Efficient

Although most modern windows are energy efficient, gliders are more efficient, and for good reasons. For starters, gliders don’t have complicated moving parts. So, the windows can close tightly and securely and prevent air infiltration from outside.

For the best results, you can pair the glider windows with low-E glass, safety glass, standard single glazing, or double glass to boost energy efficiency in your home. The Low-E glass harnesses heat, so you stay warm during winter and reflect the sun’s heat to keep you cool in summer. 

With this in mind, your HVAC system can have a break and ultimately lower your heating and cooling bills. Thanks to the Low-E coating’s ability to block the sun’s UV rays, your floor and furniture are also protected from premature fading. What’s more? Glider windows block rain, dust, and unwanted noise from your home.

3. Low Maintenance

Since glider windows have few parts, they need very low maintenance. These windows do not rely on springs and balances to operate, which adds to their durability and low maintenance costs. When correctly installed, gliders can serve you for many years without any issues. However, it would be best if you lubricated the tracks routinely for smooth operation.

Some glider styles can tilt to allow easy cleaning. Others allow you to remove the operable glass pane for easy cleaning or accommodate a window air conditioner.

4. Quite Functional

Glider windows are cut above the rest because you can control the amount of air you want by half or fully opening the window. Moreover, you can fit the glider windows with insect screens to block bugs while still maintaining airflow.

5. Cost Effective

Another redeeming feature you will love about glider windows is they are pretty cost-effective. A glider window boasts a low price tag because you only need a few parts to assemble it. Since the window has a long lifespan despite the low maintenance, you will not need to worry about repair bills or window replacement anytime soon.

6. Space Maximization

If space is at a premium in your home, you will love glider windows. Other windows require sufficient space to swing them in and out. Gliders, however, simply overlap without consuming any additional space. Thanks to glider windows, room layout, or concerns about furniture placement are the least of your worries. You need to install the highest quality glider windows to enjoy these benefits. Contact Fischer Window & Door Store and explore our range of window services. We can also make custom windows for your home at unbeatable prices.