4 Safety and Security Considerations for Windows

Your windows should not only protect you and your family from the elements and insulate your home from outdoor noises, but also protect you against key safety concerns. Today’s windows are often reinforced with built-in safety features such as laminated glass, and you can also obtain add-ons such as window films to increase security.

Here are four safety and security considerations to keep in mind as you choose windows for your new home or renovation.

Resistance to Home Invasion

Strengthened windows with burglar-proof locks are an important part of a home security system. When paired with outdoor motion-sensing lights, a state-of-the-art alarm system, and other security elements, break-resistant windows can help you avoid being robbed.

There are a couple of different ways you can strengthen your windows. First, you can use laminated glass in your windows. Laminated glass uses plastic layered between glass to hold the window in place even when it’s smashed. It’s quite difficult to smash through a laminated window.

And you can install a burglar-proof window film for even more resistance. These extra layers won’t absolutely prevent well-equipped burglars from entering, but can repel opportunistic crimes or slow down entry so you can call the police. And a special lock such as a window pin lock can keep burglars from jimmying the window open from outside.

Child-Proof to Avoid Tumbles

In addition to being burglar-proof, you need to make sure your windows are child-proof. This can give you peace of mind that your toddler won’t manage to open the window and fall out. Child-proof window locks can be installed along with your windows if you already have children or are planning to.

Or, if you end up having kids after your house has been completed, a retrofit such as a specially designed wedge to prevent babies from opening the window can be adequate for child-proofing. And of course laminated glass or a break-resistant film helps avoid injury in case a kid accidentally knocks something heavy through the window.

Egress in Case of Emergency

Windows provide crucial escape points in case of emergency. If there’s a dangerous situation inside of your home, you want to be able to exit safely from any room including underground areas such as the basement. Gas leaks, fires, floods, electrical problems, and even door malfunctions present a need for these egress windows.

Some old houses may not be up to code in this area, especially where basement egress is concerned. Check your local building codes to see if you need to add or update your windows for emergency escape purposes.

For windows on the second story or higher, you’ll also need to provide a fire escape ladder–after all, getting out the window isn’t enough if you can’t get to the ground safely afterwards.


Families need privacy for all kinds of reasons, and not just because your neighbor’s house is less than an arm’s-length away. If someone can easily see in through your windows, you run the risk of being targeted for a home invasion. Criminals could look in, see your high-end sound system, and decide your home is worth burgling.

To improve privacy, look for windows that come pre-tinted, or add privacy tints after the fact. Fortunately, there are many window tint and film options available nowadays. You can choose a sun-blocking one, or you can choose specially designed one-way privacy films that block the view into your home without blocking the view out the window.

These safety and security concerns should be uppermost in your mind when you’re choosing windows for your family’s home. The best windows should be able to fulfill your safety needs while simultaneously looking great, keeping out the heat and cold, and letting in natural light.

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