4 Multi-Slide Scenic Door Features That Add Luxury to Your Home

You can find a lot of ways to add some luxury and elegance to your home. If your back deck is just as luxurious as the inside of your home, then you can combine both elements with the use of multi-slide scenic doors. The doors typically feature large glass panels that offer a clear view of the exterior and fill the home with a lot of natural light.

When your order these doors for your home, you can look into several features and design options that add to the luxury. Check out some of the features to consider with your custom scenic door installation. Some may come with specific doors while others offer these features as luxurious upgrade options.

1. Motorized Push Button Operation

Even with smooth sliding and lightweight hardware, you may find it a hassle to manually slide open the scenic doors every time you want to use them. Make the process a lot easier with the use of a motorized push button operation. A button installed right next to the door entry provides an easy way to automatically slide the doors open.

If you carry a tray of food out onto the deck, you can open the door with ease and do not have to juggle objects around. Not only does the automatic opening offer convenience, but the smooth sliding of the doors creates a nice elegant touch. The operation runs silently and replicates advanced operations found in luxury hotels and resorts.

2. Wall Pocket Doorframes

Instead of the scenic door panels that just stack up on side of the entryway, you can create a more elegant and open look with the use of wall pocket doorframes. With a pocket doorframe, the scenic doors slide right into the frame and out of sight. On days with nice weather, you can leave the doors completely wide open and enjoy the unobstructed view.

The doorframes create a clean look for your home and work with other mechanisms like the motorized door operations.

3. Concealed Locks With Smart Home Sensors

Even though the scenic doors offer a lot of open views and options, they also come with some high-end protection options. The doorframes can feature concealed locks with multiple lock points. For example, the doors could feature locks in the top and bottom of the doorframe.

Advanced installations of the doors will come with sensors that can connect to a smart home sensor. If you are in another room or away from your home, then you can access a smart home app to see the current status of the doors. You will know if the doors are open or shut. If shut, the sensors can also indicate if the locks are activated.

These extra features will give you more peace of mind with the installation of scenic doors in your home.

4. Customized Colors and Glass

Add some luxury to your scenic doors when you select specific color designs and glass for the doors. You can customize the doors to match other luxury pieces within your home or out on your deck and patio. The glass options also give you a lot of customization options.

For example, you could choose an etched or frosted glass that offers privacy while still letting natural light inside the home. The upgrades and extra features add a nice little extra touch of luxury and will help your scenic doors stand out from others.

Plan out your scenic door installation with help from our professionals at Fischer Window & Door Store. We can present samples and our full gallery will give you a glimpse of scenic door options for your home.