4 Glass Door Designs That Are Perfect for Your Front Door

When a visitor or guest approaches your home, the entryway creates the first impression of your home. To make a great first impression, you need a stylish and welcoming front entrance and door. Homeowners like you can find many styles and designs of front doors available today. As a resident, you want a front door that provides protection, gives a good view of the neighborhood, and allows ambient light to enter.

This guide lists four residential door designs that you can install to create an attractive and welcoming first impression to all who come to visit.


1. A Full-Glass Front Door

If you live in an area surrounded by large trees or have a home with a covered front porch, then you can install a full-glass front door to allow the maximum amount of light into your entryway. A full-glass front door can give you an unrestricted view of the area where you live. This is especially nice if you live in a rural area with lots of animals, birds, and other wildlife.

For strength and security, use double-paned glass in a full-glass front door. Additionally, double-paned glass helps to keep heat or cool air inside your home to lower your utility bills and energy costs. While double-paned glass may be more expensive upfront, it is worth the cost in the long run thanks to these benefits.


2. A Front Door With Sidelights

To highlight your front entrance, surround your doorway with glass sidelights. These sidelights can be single windowpanes or multiple panes, and the panes can be clear, etched, or carved.

Sidelights add curb appeal to a residential home because they make the front door appear larger, and they reflect the light and landscape of the surrounding area. For the resident of the home, sidelights are beneficial as they allow a clear view of approaching visitors.

Front door sidelights are thin panels that can be changed often to accommodate seasonal designs and needs, such as insulated glass when winter comes. You can swap these panels whenever you wish to use different designs or non-insulated glass.


3. A Front Door Transom

Another way to add style to your front entrance door is with a transom. You can install a transom above a front door in the shape of a rectangle or as an archway made of separate glass panes.

On a front door with sidelights, a glass transom will span across both the door and the sidelights, to really pull the entryway together.


4. A Front Door With Inset Glass Panels

You can also decorate and focus attention on your front entrance by installing a front door with inset glass panels. Doors with glass panels can have a modern appeal, depending on the size and placement of the insets. For example, glass that’s inserted in thin strips down the length of the door is very modern.

For added security, choose a front door with glass panels only in the top third of the door. Choose carved glass, etched glass, or stained glass for these panels to increase the privacy of the home – you don’t want to make it too easy for someone on your front porch to be able to see into your house.

When you build or remodel your residence, you have many options for your front door – you aren’t limited to the four described above. To investigate all the possible designs for your home, contact the Fischer Window & Door Store. We design and install residential doors that are stylish and secure, and our doors will make your home welcoming and will create a good first impression for everyone who comes to visit.